Civil Marriage in Antalya

If you want to get married in Antalya, you will need to plan ahead and get a few documents together. Our wedding consultans will guide you for each step also you can reach details of civil marriage in Turkey.

Civil Marriage in Antalya TurkeyAntalya, Turley has excellent wedding venues to get married. Each wedding venues have different great atmosphere and great views. From private beaches with turquoise waters, to ancient Lycian cities with their charms, each wedding venue alternative will fascinate you.

Antalya is becoming increasingly popular wedding destination for Europe and Scandinavians to get married, and given the opportunity to get married surrounded by stunning scenery, it’s not hard to see why!

If you want to get married in Antalya, you will need to plan ahead and get a few documents together. Our wedding consultans will guide you for each step also you can reach details of civil marriage in Turkey.

Legal Requirements for a Marriage in Turkey
Fist of all people under the age of 18 may not get married in Turkey. And the people who is already married with someone also can not marry with another people before ends his or her marriage.

Foreigners Getting Married to Foreigners
Foreigners no need to be resident in Turkey in order to get married here, you’ll just need a passport and your tourist permit, plus some other paperworks please check all section at below. If you plan to get married to a Turkish in Turkey, you will need additional documentation we will guide you for all steps.

Application Process, Healt Check Reports and Blood Test
Health checks and blood tests must be done locally in Turkey. The results of the blood tests and the healt checks must be written in Turkish. Application process can only done with healt checks and blood test results. We will get appointments before you arrive in Turkey and after you arrive we will bring you for all process.

get married in TurkeyTwo Witnesses
You will need to have 2 witnesses present at the legal ceremony, and they must have valid identification and passports with them. If you want to marry with only two you Our company Anta organization will provide you witnesses by our wedding consultant team.

Multilingual Marriage Certificate
Civil marriage will be done vy wedding officiers and Marriage certificate will be given to you after your signs at ceremony venue. Marriage certificate of Turkey preparing in multi lingual.

Validity Outside of Turkey
Your Marriage Certificate will be valid whole around the world. But you should get your certificate ‘Apostilled’ in Turkey to ensure it is legally accepted when you get back home. Each of our civil marraige offer include with apostille process. Our wedding consultants will do it for you and we will give your apostilled documents before you leave Turkey.

Civil and Religious Marriages
Only a civil marriage is recognized as legal in Turkey. You don’t need to engage in a religious ceremony but if you omit the civil ceremony, the marriage will not be legal.

It is also possible to provide religious marriages in Turkey. If you would like to get married in a church or a mosque in Antalya, this can be arranged. But for religious marriage additional planning and fees will be required. Our wedding planner team will make these arrangements on your behalf.

The Marriage Process
As we mentioned above civil marriage will be done by wedding officers. According to Turkish laws wedding officers can only speak in Turkish to done your marriage. Our wedding consultants will provide interpreter services on wedding. But we have also another options for all couples.

We can bring wedding officers to ceremony venue or we can bring you to city hall to done your wedding in Turkish regarding on our agreement with you. After that we can set a symbolic marriage in front of your guests at your wedding ceremony venue in any language that we have agree with you before. Sometimes our couples prefer this way because wow parts of civil marriage makes weddings more memorable.

Once the civil ceremony has been completed, wedding officer will give you a multilingual marriage certificate. This will prove that you have been legally marriaed in according to Turkish laws. After this our wedding consultants will apostille your marriage certificate in turkish authorities.

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